"Two years of subbing experience and counting!"

[sticky post]To make things clear: the sharing rules

I don't remember if I've done this, but for all of our sakes, let's make this clear once and for all.

Basically these are the ground rules to sharing the releases outside the community!

Now, I might be a paranoid little bitch, but sharing direct download links/info is acceptable only person2person or linking them to the community. 

 - Posting about the releases is acceptable everywhere, even encouraged, as long as we're credited and people are linked back to the community. If needed (recommended), advice them how (most) download entries are locked and how one needs to be a member to see them.

 - Occasional links can be shared between friends, but please retain yourself and don't share/produce another download link outside the community and post it around for everyone to see. (Unless I've given permission to go ahead).

- If you see someone someone breaking these two rules anywhere, if you can, please advice the person breaking the rule or tell me. I know I cannot completely "rule over the internetz" so to speak, but at least I can try. Some of it anyway.

- Official torrent releases are only ones under my account name "dnakapula" at nyaa.eu

Cuz when I say I'm paranoid, I have a small history with NAS messing with my youtube accounts and stuff like that. Which is why I like the sharing to be as discreet as internetz pirating involving closed communities can be, if you get my point?

Chatzy - the world of live chatting
Okay guys!

I'm not sure if you'd be interested in this, but hell, I thought it'd be interesting to try out at least.

Ta-dah! For more random kicks in the ass to do more stuff, random chit-chatting and whatever shit... I thought we'd try out creating a personal chat room for the group. If you're interested in talking or questioning about something, just come here and do so.

There's no password, so you can openly join and meet us :)

Two years of disappearing: the sequel
As the group is slowly waking from a coma, there's a few things I'd like to ask, even though I feel a tad bad for this.

As time is scarce (hell, I'm updating from school D:) and having not been up to date with the fandom for quite some time, upon requesting it would be appreciated to provide us with decent-enough raws.

And as I'm unsure whether the old guys (grammar checkers etc) are in business anymore, it would take a decent weight off of me, if someone could apply for these things ;)

viherkyn and I have considered the subbing of the ShinOVAs and have decided to take them on. However, short with staff, and school and my move that's about to happen in the near future, it's unsure when the time allows for me to get into this.

So, if you want to contribute to this fandom (basic .ASS can be explained), just give viherkyn or me a holler. As for me mushypaddy@yahoo.co.uk is the better option of communication. Even though I cannot indulge myself with the internet that much, I check my emails everyday.

Happy applying! Hope we hear from you :)

Two years of disappearing
Grumpy cat

And yes, we are still all alive. For several reasons 2se has not been active, and there has not been an explicit reason for it and for that I apologize. Unfortunately I am not announcing that we are coming back, and in fact it is slightly uncertain what the future will hold out for 2se. As of now, we do not have any on-going translation projects. One (big) reason is that our main translator, dnakapula does simply not have time for it. She has however agreed that if there is something that a lot of people are requesting to get subs for, she can try to work on it, whenever she has time. I really want to stress that the project needs to be something that several people would like to get subs for, we simply don't have time to do a project that only one or two people would want to be subbed. I apologize for that. If you have a request, please email to mushypaddy [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk. You can comment to this entry too, but it might take a while before I forward the message to her, so emailing is faster.

Edit: Fixed the mail address. Also dnakapula commented (in the comment section) that " Also, I might and may take on some smaller projects easier, and bigger
ones if you have a good reason for it ;) just give us a holler and we may
even get back into business!"

I bring thee updates
First of all, I feel bad for those who've kept commenting whether I'm alive or not and not received a reply. I'm sorry. I haven't been really keeping up with livejournal for a while :// 

Things progressed pretty much in two ways:
1) sees email notice of comment in the evening -> options: sleep/check -> sleep
2)  sees email notice of comment in the evening -> options: sleep/check -> check/read -> ignore replying stage -> sleep

Things have been tiring overall, and I'm still facing some imminent medical appointments in the near future, but things will get better from now on, I swear :D! My meds have been finally maxed out for the time being (before long I'm supposing I'll get another or two prescription on the side, depending on what they'll be saying) and I'm slowly easing myself back into the whole subbing thing.

Oh and a sidenote, guess who dumped the PoT movie2 for the ultimate final checks just a moment ago :333? *claps hands*

Greetings from Tallinn :3
For all those waiting for the subtitles for the second movie, the status is this:

I've had uni entrance exams,
I've had medical problems (which is unfortunately irreversible, but treatable and my situation will ease a little in August)

And now I've been in Tallinn for a while :D 

But after I manage to get back home, the subs are in a state of so near perfection that all I need to do is post them for grammar check.

Along with this now I'm announcing that as a manic fan of  character songs, I've been thinking up translations for them whenever I have free time to listen to them anywhere. Which is why the Festa projects are starting to raise their heads again. Not to mention the Shiraishi live tour that was available a while ago has been orz'd, lol'd and amazed through to a massive extent (Enter Naniwa's Ecstasy Samurai!)

See you next time :3! Hope you've had a good summer so far!

Long time no see, dear lovely little groupies
First of all, I'm definitely changing that Epic Fail icon of pumpkin!Kazuki and witch-with-fake-D-cup-boobs!Kimeru trying to do a Titanic pose... change it to a drunken, dancing Nyanko-sensei or something... orz

But that aside, I'm sure you've noticed how ... very quiet... it has been since Christmas. I'm partly to blame... screw that, I'm definitely to blame, being busy with school and preparing for uni (in which I'm hoping to get into East-Asian research; aka more Japanese, history and courses on how to translate; oh the irony :D)

Anyway, rejoice! As many have seen already, the Prince of Tennis movie 2: The Play-off in the British castle (or something or something) has been released. Still working on subs based on the version with Chinese subs (I'm around 45 mins in, btw ( '~~= 3=)~; I'm a machine~~; still wondering if I should make that helping OC guy Chinese... translate the name as Feng Xiu or something), but as soon as I get my own DVD, I'll be ripping a good little RAW to time it with :3

As it's Easter... I'm not sure we'll be able to release something like we did last year with the massive pairpuri release, but I swear to God I'll fix those links up this before this weekend is over!! *rages and wagers a sum of money* ... otherwise, someone please come kick me in the ass or something~ 

If nothing else, I'll share that anniversary fan disk stuff... they haven't been shared yet, have they?

Anyway, since it's a small holiday I'm sure I'll be able to finish up some work... so until then~~ :D

Site maintenance

We'll slowly start taking down the Megaupload links due to the "death of MU" and replacing anything still not in Mediafire with them.

And as a precaution in case MF dies in the current madness of SOPA, PIPA or whatever they'll want to start calling things, we'll start properly providing torrents on the side. The complete batch for Another Story II along with mini eps is already up on nyaatorrents :)


PS. Speaking of AnoToki, the 10th anniversary fan disc included some interesting material concerning them, so you can expect some goodies in the near future ;)


There's been a few contacts in my inbox about stuff (you know who you are), who I'm not able to directly message back due to LJ crap? Anyway, if you're seeing this entry, these are the two most popular questions:

Q: Is it okay to post stuff around (with credits)?
A: Yes, feel free to share to the world the love of PoT. And even without credits our name is plastered in the video, but they're welcome. Linking back here is an option as well.

Q: Can you provide separate subs?
A: We could, but it's a hassle so we'd rather not give them away. I'm a stupid dork, so I usually have three separate files for OP, ED and the main translation. If you like to contribute to your own language fandom by translating these based on ours, then we can talk, though.

For more questions, I'll let this be an open entry. For questions that need a more informative answer (in your opinion), please PM a staff member (see full list)

Hello people :)
Oh, uhm...

First of all, sorry for being so "non-active" lately. As some might know, it's been bit of a struggle hearing-character-A's-mumble-correctly, or the lazy-ass translator's (me :D!) wrist having trouble maintaining any stress (read: sprained) due to manic drawing sessions that were caused by epic artbooks she finally ordered.

But, to take off some of your worries away, no we're not dead.

Instead, we're actually still recruiting and I just dumped 6 not-yet-proofread and prettied up subs to the staff side of this comm that include all of the rest of the Pairpuris that haven't been seen online with subs yet!

So keep in mind that patience is a virtue, for a while longer that is. Soon you shall have more Tenipuri crack to indulge yourselves with! :D

"The Intro"
Hello everybody! This the main moron, translator and Inui of this group speaking.

This is a beginning of a new era. Of sorts. Not really.

After the fall of Onosubs, I've had this idea of starting an actual subgroup for a while (as OnoS was a pair?) and decided to actually finally do something of this.

My main goal is to bring subs to everything Tenipuri-related media such as Tenimyus, Tenipuri Seiyuu Events and of course, future *hoping* Shinpuri anime and Pairpuris with the help of everyone that likes to join this group <3

But this doesn't necessarily mean we're gonna stop doing what we're doing, if we actually manage to run out of unsubbed tenipuri-related releases :D ... what I mean is, as much as it doesn't look that way, tenipuri isn't everything in life!

I'm hoping this group shall gain some attention in the tenipuri fandom and continue growing in members. In both staff and ... those who just want to download and comment on our releases :D

And then a small thing about the name... ... this story begins in the foursome chat group over on MSN. I ask, randomly, what would be a good name for a subgroup. ... ... ... a small break and then a friend of mine says "2SE - two years of subbing experience!" ... ... As you can imagine, this comment just cracked the whole group up (everyone is familiar to Tenipuri) :D ... and so it happens that I liked it too much even after thinking about this and here we are.

Anyway~ ... "2SE - two years of Subbing Experience" a quote from HorioSatoshi" as it should read when you come to the site (but was too long :/) was a brainfart produced by the foursome chat and after thinking... ... "OMG, wouldn't this what he would say, if tenipuri was turned into a massive AU world where every school is actually a sub group?"

And the above thought just because file-sharing or 'pirating' brings up wonderful images of tenipuri lads as actual pirates. *somebody shoot me for my ideas, please :D*

Anyway~ ta ta! I'm too lazy busy on uploading and subbing atm, that I'm gonna leave this intro as it is for now :3


And a note to the non-staff people... the releases will be locked, so you have to be a member to get them. But only staff has the posting access. Thank you for your consideration ;)



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