"Two years of subbing experience and counting!"

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Hello people :)
dnakapula wrote in 2se_subs
Oh, uhm...

First of all, sorry for being so "non-active" lately. As some might know, it's been bit of a struggle hearing-character-A's-mumble-correctly, or the lazy-ass translator's (me :D!) wrist having trouble maintaining any stress (read: sprained) due to manic drawing sessions that were caused by epic artbooks she finally ordered.

But, to take off some of your worries away, no we're not dead.

Instead, we're actually still recruiting and I just dumped 6 not-yet-proofread and prettied up subs to the staff side of this comm that include all of the rest of the Pairpuris that haven't been seen online with subs yet!

So keep in mind that patience is a virtue, for a while longer that is. Soon you shall have more Tenipuri crack to indulge yourselves with! :D


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