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Site maintenance
dnakapula wrote in 2se_subs

We'll slowly start taking down the Megaupload links due to the "death of MU" and replacing anything still not in Mediafire with them.

And as a precaution in case MF dies in the current madness of SOPA, PIPA or whatever they'll want to start calling things, we'll start properly providing torrents on the side. The complete batch for Another Story II along with mini eps is already up on nyaatorrents :)


PS. Speaking of AnoToki, the 10th anniversary fan disc included some interesting material concerning them, so you can expect some goodies in the near future ;)


There's been a few contacts in my inbox about stuff (you know who you are), who I'm not able to directly message back due to LJ crap? Anyway, if you're seeing this entry, these are the two most popular questions:

Q: Is it okay to post stuff around (with credits)?
A: Yes, feel free to share to the world the love of PoT. And even without credits our name is plastered in the video, but they're welcome. Linking back here is an option as well.

Q: Can you provide separate subs?
A: We could, but it's a hassle so we'd rather not give them away. I'm a stupid dork, so I usually have three separate files for OP, ED and the main translation. If you like to contribute to your own language fandom by translating these based on ours, then we can talk, though.

For more questions, I'll let this be an open entry. For questions that need a more informative answer (in your opinion), please PM a staff member (see full list)

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What with MF getting checked sometime within 90 days I'm thinking of pulling my files down from there and upload them on a site that's not being checked on (or rename files and lock them and whatnot so that people who didn't get the links won't get what it is and will have a hard time opening it even if they download it...) or something like that. They listed some sites and what's happening to them on hatenai-subs, so. hm.

Seriously, ACTA/SOPA/PIPA is a fucking mess.

I have a question unrelated to this though~ What do you use when you hardsub things? I asked you about softsubs before, but what do you do to avoud the files turning out gigantically enourmous?

I think I'll start doing stuff like that more. <w< currently I only have the for-staff-eyes-only files password protected and hidden. It really is, isn't it D: the hype will reach its peak soon, mark my words. And then we'll figure out some real good efficient way of sharing stuff other than torrents. And CCC = Careful Compression Check. My Virtualdub experience so far has shown me that my compression settings upon opening are set to 'uncompressed', so I have to manually switch it every time to 'ffdshow' before I render the files.

As I wrote on a different comm: "What they're trying to do, and are doing, is basically trying to criminalise more than an entire generation. Because seriously, most teenagers, people younger than that, older than that, and probably more than half of the world's population, has downloaded SOMETHING illegally nowadays.

So yeah, good luck turning the entire world against you, morons who want ACTA and all that shit."

I mean, people like my little brother did that already when he wasn't even 10 years old. Because HEY, how are they supposed to buy it if they're underage anyway? They wouldn't be able to have their own taste in music, or anything, because it all depends on their parents (I for one, know that I would never have been allowed listening to Japanese music. My parents thinks it's shit and that I should start litening to ABBA or whatever instead).

So yeah, best thing we can do is try to make it as hard as possible for outsiders to get to the files. Like... my posts at ohmygodis get members locked after 7 days, but anyone can join and see the files I've shared. Which would make it pretty easy for people looking for people sharing stuff illegally to find my stuff. So maybe moderated membership or whatever, make the psts members-locked right away and when we write about our files at places like the tenipuri-comm we make them members-locked as well? Because thinking 'nah things like that won't happen to me' is quite foolish in these days since bad things can always happen to normal people too, especially is ACTA becomes real (ACTA is said to be signed but is gonna start to be active in 2013 so there's still time to invoce it). And considering they're doing things like this BEFORE it had even PASSED, then how the hell's it gonna be when it's been made active?

This is like a bunch of people trying to become dictators over something as gigantic aas the internet, and that's not good at all.

ERRRRR, and I'm ranting.

And thank you for the info. I didn't know about that 'uncompressed'-thing at all.

probably more than half of the world's population, has downloaded SOMETHING illegally nowadays

Indeed >__<'' it's like... I see your point about copyrighting, but... is trying to criminalize half of the world really the way to go about it? It's pure madness!

And I know what you mean about moderation and member locks. If someone wants to DL stuff, I'd rather not share a direct link right on the spot, but steer them in the right direction and make them join the community, since I automatically member-lock the sharing posts everywhere already (see below).

And you know, I've been thinking tenipuri-comm needs a fresh wave of change. Mostly tags, new mods (not sure anyone's around anymore?), linking needs to be cleaned... stuff like that; but along with that someone should make a proper sharing protocol on how to do it the most secure way. /is a freak ;D

And you know it's funny, I hadn't even known something like ACTA would come and haunt us, but I still insisted on member-locks from the right beginning in case someone came in and googled their ases off and demanded the links must be taken down - to say the least my experiences with NAS and TV Tokyo demands on Youtube hadn't been very friendly at that point, so I was slightly paranoid considering I was still working under the same screen name (still am). Not that they probably really care about some random individual Finnish fansubber, but just in case.

/now I'm ranting ;D

And no problem ;)

It is. Such madness! And since they can't throw underaged kids into jail or whatever they wanna do as punishment for downloading/uploading, they're gonna throw ...what's böter in English now again...er, right, fines in the parent's faces?

Not to mention people sharing/subbing anime/drama/manga/and so on helps getting people interested in a different culture and language that they might never have found if it wasn't there. Tons of people has gotten interested in that due to watching/reading downloaded stuff.

The tenipuri-comm is badly in need of tags. I need order on a place that moves as much as it does. While it's not the fastest comm ever, it's not slow-paced, especially not now with shinpuri. On the internet, on comms, I like it to be organised. Makes everything easier. ^^ So yeah, it needs to get taken care of. I checked and there's supposed to be 3 active mods but... the profile page was last updated 2010. So I have no idea how accurate that is. But since it seems the comm's supposed to be using memories instead of tags, I think it's pretty inactive. Considering the last cosplay-post that was added to memories was added in 2005... But it would be much better with tags, that way the mods won't have to PERSONALLY add every single post to memories. And yeah, sharing should be made more secure. And a pretty layout wouldn't be so bad~ (if you're a freak, I guess I'm paranoid? XD) I'd be up for doing it. It'd require time, but hell I' feel good one it's done. Besides, it's better to start now than when it's too late, right? And then I mean the protection of the files in general, not just fixing up the comm. I guess I'll be working on fixing my own comm tonight. :|

Worst thing is that ACTA basically hid behind PIPA and SOPA (is it terribly accurate that sopa = slang for loser in Swedish?). Yeah. I subbed one of the opening themes for Nurarihyon no Mago and it was pulled down even BEFORE it was even viewable to the public. What's up with that? I've seen tonds of videos with the OP unsubbed on YT, why's it so bad to upload it subbed?

We're both naturals at ranting ooh yeah.

Fining parents is stupid and would not really get you anywhere in the long run, that's my opinion.

And I know, right? For example, if I hadn't gotten around to inspect the properties of DDL, I probably would never be here in the first place! I got into the whole business through random Harry Potter doujinshi I read, see?

But I suppose here in Finland some people are pleased anti-piracy-wise, considering some internet providers are automatically denying access to some of the major torrenting sites now. Though I'd SO like seeing their faces the moment they realize there's life outside piratebay... xD stuff will get shared, there's just no way around it.

And tenipuri... it really needs a makeover and bad. I kinda took over tenipuri-lyrics already, so I can do a masterlist of all songs' kanji, romanji and translations. While I sub the seiyuu events. Now all I'd want is to check EVERY piece of entry, tag it and organize. I SO get what you mean about about starting to do it now and not after example there's a flood of possible new members. They'd probably laugh at us and spam the comm with stupid questions D: and nobody wants that.

I'm seriously tempted right now to go PM all the mods and ask a couple of specific questions about management xD then I(we?)'d organize the whole crap day by day, month by month, year by year... ... *sighs* ...

*snort* a loser soup? (Swedish for loser and Spanish for soup ;D) ... and lol. I'm guessing they put up some sort of filter on stuff at some point to prevent stuff like that. My account was suspended because I'd put up the Shinsen-subs parody "OVA" in three parts. I mean... come on? And since I've put up some videos (on another account) and they haven't been removed <w<'' ... well, at least I can say NAS has acknowledged (somewhat :P) that I exist *evil laugh* But anyway, I'm suspecting most of the subbed pull offs has something to do with the States and their business with Japan. Nuramago IS, for example after all, licensed by Viz. Ranting,, ooooh yeah... half-way-through writing this I just though... för fann, why aren't we friends :D?

Edited at 2012-01-27 06:09 pm (UTC)

Yeah, really. As if people these days (like you and me?) would be stopped from sharing and downloading. Technology is moving forward, we'll find ways around it in the end. Like renaming files. (Bunta's Awakening.avi -> bunwa.txt?) That's probably one of the easier way. Also, I read that MF-links show up if you search for it on google only if you link it from a blog or the like. So another measure would be like... change the original link with the http into hxxp and add some spaces and it'll be even harder to track! :) Makes it more complicated for those who's actually meant to find the links, but it's small compared to not getting it at all, right?

Yeah, and seriously, I found out that homosexuality existed due to shared stuff on YT I swear it's true. Like my parents tried to pretend it didn't exist. If I hadn't found BL online I wouldn't have found out why I felt wrong making myself like guys until like... when we started quickly skim past that in sex ed in midle school (seriously it's not like homosexuality is poisonous, why are teachers so scared of touching the subject properly?). And I never would've gotten all my online friends either, without the sharing. Humans are nowadays, not the sort of person who just sit in their couches like potatoes (you know the sweadish thing soffpotatis?) and just consume like we did back inte the 'old days'. We want to share, let people experience and enjoy what we have enjoyed. I bet the ones coming up with shit like this only likes consuming. Otherwise they'd get how much this would destroy the internet.

Haha, I think I've been at Piratebay like... once or twice. But hey, there's way more torrent-sites than that. XD

Oh, that you took that over is great. I remember I went "mehp" at the mess it was and never visited again ^^;; Also I'm bored a lot, so going through every entry and tag and check them would be great. But you can still only member-lock your own posts, right? So if you're locking download/sharing-posts you'd have to send a message to all the ones with active sharing link. The dead ones aren't of much use anyway. ^^; And yes, especially now with the chances of getting new people into the fandom it'd get really hard to find what you're looking for. I remember wanting to find my old posts because I wanted to change the links since I had moved my fics to my own special comm for fics and art and things like that, and gave up since, well... I think my oldest was writting at least 2 years ago. And I soooo didn't want to go through all of that at the time. So ORGANISATION IS BADLY NEEDED.

So I say go for it. And I'm totally up to be a mod with you and help tagging it all. It's faster doing it together than just one person doing it. Like when I locked almost every single entry on my LJ to make it friends only. That took a lot of time. But it felt great afterwards. Like an achievement. Like "I won, HAH."

loser soup swept under the mat (since sopa also is non-slang for sweeping). Adding it all together, it really summarises all the bills perfectly. Since "soppa", the swedish word for soup, can be used to describe a big mess. "En stor jävla soppa" = "a great fucking mess". And it's swept under the mat since they tried to keep what the bills would do secret. It was leaked though, that's why we know SOME of it. But not all.

My account was brand new though. Since my old one got purged. And it was registered on a different email address and since I was on a different connection it was a different IP... don't get them. *shakes head* US of A, don't butt into my business, I just wanna share the love so that people who don't know Japanese get what they sing! I just wanted to share the Sunshine~ (bad pun, since that's the OP I subbled. XD) Haha, we've gotta fix that! *adds right away*

Some people are shallow and stupid. It's the fact of life.

And piratebay, I suppose, was Finland's main target cuz it was one of the only ones in Finnish and torrented a lot of Finnish media, so... ;D

Still haven't started, gathering up everything first and then~~ *rubs hands* a massive masterlisting project shall begin with a lot of copy-pasteing ;D

Yes, I think the locking goes to the person sharing, though I'm not sure if the 'supermod' can do that? Either way, I share your pain. Most of my old entries are luckily with some commenting, so there's been a notice to my gmail about it. The search option is so the best tenipuriLJ'google' xD

And I wrote to two of them. To the one that looks somewhat promising: still active, but through tweeting, it seems. And to the one whose last post was in November. Didn't bother with the one that'd posted last over an year ago...

I'm starting to think I need sleep ;P ...

The first thing I've thought when Mega Upload shutted down was this site and how I would ever be able to download Another Stories and Pair Puris. SIGH in relief. Thank you! You are wonderful, thank you!~

Wow, I'm totally late in reading this, but I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work! Without you all, I couldn't have enjoyed the wonderful laughs I had with my friends watching these videos on my TV ♥

Please continue to work hard in the future, but remember to relax! :) ♥


This is the new POT movie that's releasing in DVD today. May I know if you guys are gonna subs this or any other group is gonna do it?

Re: New POT Movie DVD

Currently SUPER BUSY with school and reading uni entrance exam books (5 shitty 500+ page monsters <w<, though still), but THIS, dear friend, THIS is something I'll be making the damn time to sub :D Though the estimated time when its coming out shall be a mystery for the time being. It'll depend solely on if the RAW is shared anytime soon or will I have to wait for my copy, which, if I'm lucky, I'll get by the end of next week ;p

Please release in HD


I wish you good luck for your exams. hope you do well.

I would like to request you to release the movie DVD in HD since the other videos you released were not of the best quality. May I know which software do you use for adding subs to avi? I have done combining subs to avi and I use AVI ReComp which offers the best result in the highest quality. You can download the tool for free. And also can you please provide the subtitle file separately at least for the movie alone. Because many of them might have the DVD rip and are looking for subs. So providing the sub file alone can help such people. And they don't have to download the video once again.

And your idea of torrent is far better than uploading it to some file sharing website. Users with slow internet connection can easily download it from torrent, right? (includes me)

Edited at 2012-03-25 03:58 am (UTC)

Re: Please release in HD

I'm using Virtualdub, though I'm planning on starting the .mkv madness soon, which means our main releases will be in .mkv format and I'll be using mkvmerge, but upon request we might make .avi re-encodes.

The problem with most of the videos we've released so far (mostly Pairpuris) is that the RAWs are so shitty in the first place. And let's face it, as a student I really don't have the money to buy every single DVD so I could just rip it myself unless we start collecting the money to do so.

If you do know some better RAWs out there, do tell me, though ;)

And as for sharing subfiles... I'll highly consider it this time, though I really won't like it, if I end up doing so.

Re: Please release in HD

I'm keeping an eye for the raw and when I see one, I'll surely let you know as soon as I find. Don't worry about it as I'm a big fan of POT series.

Do you have a fast internet connection?

About the file type, .mkv is the most widely used and these days, almost every fansubbers release their works in .mkv. They have bad impression about .avi files. Don't know the reason though. Uploading it as torrent is the best. And when you upload it to mediafire.com, then consider splitting the file to at least 5 parts and upload it that way. Use HJSplit, which is a free tool for the splitting, so people can use the same software to combine the video too. Splitting will make it convenient for people with slow internet speed to download the files.

Using mkvmerge is the best option, as the quality does not get affected and also the merging will be done in just a few seconds-minutes depending on the speed of the computer. Me too use this software.

Releasing the sub file will help a lot of people to add it to their video that they already have. So they don't have to download the video once again and people with slow internet connection should be highly considered. They can't download the whole video second time.

I'll gladly to help you when you need.

Edited at 2012-03-26 08:58 am (UTC)

Another happy news!

Catch up with the nest news.

A New Prince of Tennis OVA DVD 1 is going to be released on April 20, 2012 that will have new scenes. Keep an eye on it. Its the event that occur before getting invited to the U-17 Camp, all enjoying their time. Here's the PV link:


And New Prince of Tennis OVA DVD 2 is slated to release on June 22, 2012. The DVD presents the match between Sanada and Yukimura that was missed out in the New Prince of Tennis TV Series that's getting broadcasted right now. Sure this is interesting.


A lot of things coming up. Hope you would sub all these for us. I'll give you more updates if I find any.

Re: Another happy news!

Oh yes! I'd partially forgotten about those mini OVAs, but in the back of my mind, I've already made plans for those :D there's no way I'm gonna pass on Shiraishi's Gabriel <3

And as for the movie, haven't seen it yet, though I already downloaded it from tudou for pre-timing/subbing purposes so that I can do something before I get a proper rip :p

Re: Another happy news!

Yes, that's good. Its best to prepare the sub file right now and when the original RAW file comes, you can simply merge the subs and release it soon. Good way to save time.

The OVAs I talked about are the episodes of the currently airing TV series. So never miss it out. :)

The complete details on OVA DVDs can be found here.


Registered at tudou.com and just posted a comment on their video to upload the DVD as torrent to nyaa.eu. Hope to see the result.


Edited at 2012-03-28 10:09 am (UTC)

That's great :) you know... I had a thought a while ago, but I dunno if you'd be up for it... see with me busy with school and all, would u like to become a permanent raw hunter for us?

I can't really properly keep up with the fandom right now and it would help to have someone like u amongst us and u wouldn't have to spam this thread with millions of comments :P Just a thought.

I apologize for the messages!

I'm sorry! I greatly apologize for my continuous messages. Just thought it would help you guys get on to the news and updates.

Permanent raw hunter? Sounds good but I'm not sure if I can become a permanent one, since I'm very busy with my online works. Anyway, I'll always be keeping an eye on your site for the updates. And I'm looking for possible news and updates on the POT series and whatever I find I'll be informing you guys. Don't worry about it. I'll search for the raw files and send you the link if I find them.

So please send me a PM about where I should send you the links to the raw files. Is it here in the comments or as a PM?

By the way, did you finish subbing with the available file from todou? Chinese subs are already out. :)

Waiting for your replies.

I'm not sure where to put this, so can I just say it here?

Thanks for working so hard at the subs, guys! I really appreciate your help! Just a thought, have you ever considered adding a little joke sub? For example, when the characters speak in understandable English (like Ryoma's "Thank you, sempai") put something completely irrelevant in the subs like "Pikachu, I choose you!"

I don't think that's a good idea. Because we want to know what they're speaking in real and not something what's not said. I think that would leave a bad impression on the subbers. I'm just saying my opinion. :)

Oh, I didn't mean the official release. Just a little clip like that as an April Fool's version or something. Sorry if I seemed rude or inconsiderate.

Oh! That way. That's alright. No I didn't mean you were rude. All are free to share their opinions. Don't worry about it. :)

You know, I've been considering this for a while, but I was sorta half and half on whether to do a troll episode or not ;D the worst problems with actually doing this were limited time and a broken keyboard (though I got a new one today). So we'll see, the odds are looking good, though.

I see. Good luck with that, and congrats on your new keyboard!

Great that you got a new keyboard and I'm happy to say that we are no more changing our internet to a new telecom company, which means I won't be offline any day. So I think you're better off to preparing the sub file for the movie, which is going to be a great news for the fans. I have shared your journal link to many of the sites out there, saying that you guys are the subbers. :) By the way, any hope about getting the raw DVD Rip any time soon? I'm trying my best on requesting for it.

Edited at 2012-03-31 04:51 am (UTC)

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