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Long time no see, dear lovely little groupies
dnakapula wrote in 2se_subs
First of all, I'm definitely changing that Epic Fail icon of pumpkin!Kazuki and witch-with-fake-D-cup-boobs!Kimeru trying to do a Titanic pose... change it to a drunken, dancing Nyanko-sensei or something... orz

But that aside, I'm sure you've noticed how ... very quiet... it has been since Christmas. I'm partly to blame... screw that, I'm definitely to blame, being busy with school and preparing for uni (in which I'm hoping to get into East-Asian research; aka more Japanese, history and courses on how to translate; oh the irony :D)

Anyway, rejoice! As many have seen already, the Prince of Tennis movie 2: The Play-off in the British castle (or something or something) has been released. Still working on subs based on the version with Chinese subs (I'm around 45 mins in, btw ( '~~= 3=)~; I'm a machine~~; still wondering if I should make that helping OC guy Chinese... translate the name as Feng Xiu or something), but as soon as I get my own DVD, I'll be ripping a good little RAW to time it with :3

As it's Easter... I'm not sure we'll be able to release something like we did last year with the massive pairpuri release, but I swear to God I'll fix those links up this before this weekend is over!! *rages and wagers a sum of money* ... otherwise, someone please come kick me in the ass or something~ 

If nothing else, I'll share that anniversary fan disk stuff... they haven't been shared yet, have they?

Anyway, since it's a small holiday I'm sure I'll be able to finish up some work... so until then~~ :D

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The RAW DVD rip of the movie is available at the tenipuri comm. But it's a big file though, more than 1GB

For all that is holy, we were just discussing xxxholic with my friend before I replied to this... :D *pokes at your icon*

I know about the RAW rip, but I want to make a rip out of my own DVD; that way I can make the outcome to look the way I want it to be ;)

Thanks for all your hard work!

I'm looking forward to more releases from you! Thanks so much! Ganbatte.

Looking forward to your release of the Tenipuri movie subs! Please take your time :)

Also, I'm glad that there's someone out there who's interested in taking translating courses. I also want to take that for my masters ^^ Still a long way to go, but yeah, aiming for it.

someone's finally subbing it. ;w;
good luck! will patiently wait for it.

RAW DVD ISO of the movie

You can find the raw files for the movie here:


Re: RAW DVD ISO of the movie

I already managed to get my DVD to mess around with, but thank you ;D

Re: RAW DVD ISO of the movie

Glad that you got it. Hope to see the release soon. :)

I gotta say, I thoroughly enjoyed that film. I look forward to finally understanding what they were saying. My reaction was as follows:
[Spoiler (click to open)]You'd think a super violent street tennis mafia would at least make it onto British news, considering the CCTV cameras all over the place. Not to mention the police roaming the streets apprehending people high on the happy juice, especially during Wimbledon when all the snobs go to eat strawberries and cream and tut at streakers. xD

Oh yeah, and that one guy who keeps falling into the Thames. Can I just say eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww. He was literally suspended in shit (and piss and god knows what else).


lol Tezuka shoving Shiraishi out the way. MY BALL.

My favourite part has to be the random white horse in Atobe's castle. It jumped epically over the rising drawbridge so that Fuji could save the Peach Princess from Mario Kite with his level 99 spells.And so, the wizard and the mercenary fell in love and lived happily ever after.

Good luck with your work!

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Oh, guys! I can't wait for subs! How is it? Work is moving?

aw everyone in this community is just great THANKS ALOT U_U

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