"Two years of subbing experience and counting!"

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"The Intro"
dnakapula wrote in 2se_subs
Hello everybody! This the main moron, translator and Inui of this group speaking.

This is a beginning of a new era. Of sorts. Not really.

After the fall of Onosubs, I've had this idea of starting an actual subgroup for a while (as OnoS was a pair?) and decided to actually finally do something of this.

My main goal is to bring subs to everything Tenipuri-related media such as Tenimyus, Tenipuri Seiyuu Events and of course, future *hoping* Shinpuri anime and Pairpuris with the help of everyone that likes to join this group <3

But this doesn't necessarily mean we're gonna stop doing what we're doing, if we actually manage to run out of unsubbed tenipuri-related releases :D ... what I mean is, as much as it doesn't look that way, tenipuri isn't everything in life!

I'm hoping this group shall gain some attention in the tenipuri fandom and continue growing in members. In both staff and ... those who just want to download and comment on our releases :D

And then a small thing about the name... ... this story begins in the foursome chat group over on MSN. I ask, randomly, what would be a good name for a subgroup. ... ... ... a small break and then a friend of mine says "2SE - two years of subbing experience!" ... ... As you can imagine, this comment just cracked the whole group up (everyone is familiar to Tenipuri) :D ... and so it happens that I liked it too much even after thinking about this and here we are.

Anyway~ ... "2SE - two years of Subbing Experience" a quote from HorioSatoshi" as it should read when you come to the site (but was too long :/) was a brainfart produced by the foursome chat and after thinking... ... "OMG, wouldn't this what he would say, if tenipuri was turned into a massive AU world where every school is actually a sub group?"

And the above thought just because file-sharing or 'pirating' brings up wonderful images of tenipuri lads as actual pirates. *somebody shoot me for my ideas, please :D*

Anyway~ ta ta! I'm too lazy busy on uploading and subbing atm, that I'm gonna leave this intro as it is for now :3


And a note to the non-staff people... the releases will be locked, so you have to be a member to get them. But only staff has the posting access. Thank you for your consideration ;)


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Brilliant idea :3 can't wait to see what stuff you translate. Also lol at the heading, genius :)

Awesomeeeeeeee~~ *___*
It's really a very awesome and happy news! :3
Thank you in advance! ♥♥~

That's a really cool idea... I myself have learned japanese for 2 Years now. "Two Years of Japanese experience" XDDD to say it with horio... but unfortunately I'm really bad if it's comes to Listening... I think written things I can translate with enough time but spoken is still to difficult v.v

But I'm really looking forward to the things you guys will do ^^

hoping especially for some tenimyus ^^

OMG!I have "2 Years Japanese Experience" too!! (well, plus 5 months...)
I'm pretty much the same with spoken Japanese, lol

XD funny thing.
Hm Like your Ava... Kimeruuuu *purr*

with a skript it would be much easier ^^; but well... I hope I can improve my japanese now with mailing with some japanese friends I made last week. Because my japanese class is now finished... got a 1,3 at my last exam. ^^; it will be lonly next semester without the japanese class.... it was always so much fun ^^;

*Kyaa~* You like Kime too?!

Yea, but trying to understand any spoken language can be tough, lol

You're so lucky you had a Japanese class, I've been learning all on my own; it's so lonely...
What is a "1,3"??
Well, good luck to improving your Japanese~!!

sure ^^ he was the best Fuji... well Aiba was nearly as good but kima was scarier I think.

a 1,3 is an.. A in America I think its the best after 1,0 what would be 100% ^^;

uh... learning by yourself is hard ... I did that while I was in school ^^ and war really happy as I startet my japanese class at university

LOL, yea, he definitely had that sadistic-edge playing Fuji~

Wow!! Congrats~!

It is hard, but I think it's more rewarding~ Plus, there's no homework, lol~~
But, I hope to get a class eventually...

yeah definitely... XD although he was so small ... he and Kato Kazuki where the reason why I started to watch Tenipuri and tenimyu XDDDD

Thanks ^^;

well sure But I know that I would be to lazy if there would have been no class... and I never made my homework XD so that doesn't count XD

He's so cute and short~ ^^
Kato was an Awesome Atobe!!! He's made me like Atobe just that bit more~

You're welcome~~

Yea, I get lazy most days, but watching Japanese drama/anime everyday is 'kinda' studying... right? lol
Homework is boring!

Yeah Kato is really the best Atobe he has that whole 'Ore-sama Aura' around him ^^ Hey the reason I'm possessed with Atobe... really possessed. And I want a RP with Atobe but I don't find somebody to play v.v

yeah our teacher said that too. The people who get the best grades in the oral examination are the ones who talk to japanese (what is difficult XD) and the ones who watch Dorama and Anime ^^ and listening to songs counts as well XDDD

He IS Atobe! Totally "Ore-sama"!!
I get like that with Kime and Fuji too~
Aww~ You'll find someone to RP with, don't give up~ (Do Your Best!)

I like your teacher! Who knew that watching TV could help you with studying? lol~!

I ♥ your Ava~~ Chibi-Fuji is soo cute~~

Glad that I'm not the only one who thinks that Kato IS Atobe... and yeah its the same with Kime

hm yes she is really a good teacher and really nice... so kawaii XD

Thanks... And your Ava is cool too... I had that one too before my externals hard drive broke last month XD

Even when he's not acting as Atobe, I still see him as Atobe~
Like in one of his PV's, all I could say was, "There's Atobe-sama!"

A nice teacher is so much better than a mean one~ As you'll always want to do your best~

Poor you and your broken hard-drive...

hee...yeah I had that feeling when I saw Vampire... he was sitting in that armchair with that walking stick over his knees and that glass with blood ... *purr* X333

yeah poor me... because my entire Tenipuri and Tenimyu collection was on my external -.-;

Wow!! O_O *goes to see Vampire*
IT'S SO AWESOME!! ^_^ He even had a butler! (he's definitely Atobe, no doubt about it)
And even his hand movements, it was like Atobe's 'insight'~!

Oh noes! I would scream and cry it that happened to me!!
But, at least you didn't lose your memory of Tenimyu and Tenipuri, ne~ (I know, that sounds so dumb... but yea... lol)


yeah I really love that PV... he is just so... rrrr *drool*
But I should watch more Kime ^^; I really want to see a concert *.*

hm yeah... its just so exhausting to redownload everything XDDD

It is a pretty awesome PV~~
Unfortunately for me, I can't watch more Kime (at the minute) 'cos he's got no new stuff out... but re-watching PV's is so fun~~

I know that feeling... downloading things takes forever, it's best if it's only done once~
Well, good luck to your re-downloading~~

XD well I have to watch them for the first time so... its more interesting... And I really live Oath in the storm *.* its so ;; if you know the story behind...

Yeah... ^^; its really a pain in the A** XD but well... many things I can get from a friend of mine.. but she's on vacation at the moment ^^;

Have fun discovering Kime's awesome PV's etc~~
I recommend the 'Kimi Jyanakya Dame Nanda!' PV~
I literally cried when I found out about Oath in the Storm! (poor Nagi~~ T^T)

LOL, but when she comes back she can help you restore your PoT collection~~

(I have a Kime fansite (the link's on my LJ) and I have most of the PV's linked on there)

yeah I will have fun ^^

well i cried when I first read the translation of the song while listening to it at the same time... I knew about the background beforehand so it was even worse ;_; yeah poor Yanagi... but he is much better now... even his singing voice at the deame live 7th song is much much better than direct after is accident..

Hmmm yeah I saw that ^^ I have looked through your journal a bit XD And its funny were aren't that far apart. Your in Ireland right? I'm in Germany... XDDD

But I feel a bit guilty we're totally spamming this entry ^_^;

I'd heard the song before learning of what happened, and I kinda felt like all those times I'd listened to it, and the emotions were 10 times stronger... I'm so glad no-one was watching me, lol~

Wow~ It's nice to know that Tenimyu/Tenipuri is enjoyed by people ALL over the world~~ ^_^

We're so bad, ne~ lol~ oops~
*bows in apology to dnakapula for possibly spamming their email inbox too... OTL*

Not that I completely mind, but my email is being spammed by your talk a bit xD

So please take this talk to your own PM inboxes or something of the similar, I beg of you 8D

I'm so sorry... OTL

We shall~~

Good luck guys! Your dedication is appreciated. :D

Aha great name. Well done, and thanks for the hard work and dedication =)

Hi guys!

Ganbatte! I support you fully. I can help if you want or need graphic stuff done also if you need someone to review your stuff too. <3

I have experience in subbing industry and formerly a subber too

PM me regarding mainly that "graphic stuff" and what you particularly mean by that? :D That other stuff sounds promising as well~

Would you like to come on board?

Hi, I came over from your post at tenipuri.
2se_subs is a nice name for the community.

Thanks for all your hard work!

Sorry about onosubs. I noticed that the user was purged, but the community is still there. You could have just posted and continued with it. Anyways, what's going to happen to that community?

It's still there? :'D Oh god, need to get rid of it... And there are reasons for starting a new group altogether.

Firstly, I grew tired of the Onosubs name and the story behind it.
Secondly, it wouldn't have been the same without the second starter member around (she's just too busy doing everything else).
Thirdly, ... I already forgot the third one, but it was something good... *ponders* ... crap...

Anyway, the onosubs comm will be deleted asap ^___^'''

I was able to visit the ono_subs community though I didn't see any posts. I guess you got rid of it by now.

I understand getting sick of names and other things as well as being busy. I'm often busy myself.

I hope you guys have as much fun subbing things you can because I realise it is hard work and I just wanted to say thank you for subbing the things that bring so much joy to my life.
I look forward to your releases!

Just want to say you are much appreciated for doing this! Thank you!

I have been searching for subbed versions of the 3rd and 4th Prince of Tennis: Another Story II episodes... And I seem to be having issues.
I read on a forum that you had them here, however I seem to be a complete dunce and can't find my way around the site...


Re: Another Story II question

All of the download links are in locked posts, so you need to be a member of the community to see them. After that... well, have fun! ;)

Re: Another Story II question

Oh! duh! Sorry, I found it. I am clearly blind.
Thanks so much for everything! The help and the subs and everything!

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