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Greetings from Tallinn :3
dnakapula wrote in 2se_subs
For all those waiting for the subtitles for the second movie, the status is this:

I've had uni entrance exams,
I've had medical problems (which is unfortunately irreversible, but treatable and my situation will ease a little in August)

And now I've been in Tallinn for a while :D 

But after I manage to get back home, the subs are in a state of so near perfection that all I need to do is post them for grammar check.

Along with this now I'm announcing that as a manic fan of  character songs, I've been thinking up translations for them whenever I have free time to listen to them anywhere. Which is why the Festa projects are starting to raise their heads again. Not to mention the Shiraishi live tour that was available a while ago has been orz'd, lol'd and amazed through to a massive extent (Enter Naniwa's Ecstasy Samurai!)

See you next time :3! Hope you've had a good summer so far!

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Thank you very much for the update. So we'll be waiting for it. :) Hope it gets completed soon. Many new OVAs and TV episodes are coming for it.

Hope you recover soon and stay healthy forever.

And also, will you please provide the subtitle file separately? (That would be helpful for users with slow internet speed.)

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I'll see about the sub file, seriously, I will. As an exception, though. I'll most likely to make a super-duper version of it in the end, though, which will you will have to download if you want all the features :P

Aka its mainly just a mkv file stuffed with three audio/translation tracks, but... yeah.

Thanks. Hope I get the sub file as it took me almost 10 days to download the RAW file. So if I seriously don't get the sub file, its going to take me another 10 days to download the same. Just because I have very slow internet speed here. :( So how long until you get back home?

I'm already back, orz. Though I'll be spendind the evening to regroup myself, so that I can check the subs once more tomorrow before posting :3

(Deleted comment)
Soon, soon :p

And orz, today I'm down with a cold! Been sneezing my brains out all day *headdesk*

I'll see when to the OVAs when I feel like it. I'm a frequent nyaa user myself so...

And why yes :D right in the damn capital too.

Yay! Yay! Yay! Now its a great news in this summer holidays! By today? ;)

Is it cold there in Finland? More importantly, cold and sneezing in summer? lol...

Yeah, OVAs can be done faster, I think, right? I have a friend of mine who has DVDs for OVAs. So everything can go easy probably.

As you can see, I am not having any more patience. lol...I am a mad lover of pot series.

Any way, a big thanks to you.

Btw, do you have an IRC channel?

Edited at 2012-06-28 04:34 pm (UTC)

I've gotten so many edited comment notices in my email box that my brains are failing to keep up xD

And it's not that cold here. It does get a little chilly in the night, which apparently was the nail in my coffin :P a few days of continuous rain, some time spent on the upper deck with massive gusts of wind on the boat and then I opened the window for the night here at home (since it does get quite stuffy inside if left closed :/)

But yes, from now on I'll keep one project in mind at a time and for now it's the movie. And the OVAs can be done quite quick, yes. It's not as if they're something completely new to us ;P orz

But yes, I'm watching the movie atm, checking, trying not to fall asleep on the spot and hopefully posting it after I'm done :3

Oops! Sorry. :P

Its too hot here. That makes me quite uneasy at times. I love when it gets cold, but that's only in December again. :(

Great! I'll keep up with updates on OVA. :)

Morning here 8:12 AM, when you have 7:12 there in Finland. Just 1 hour difference. :) Not yet ready? You might have fallen asleep, lol. Is it a holiday there today? Here it is. :) Guess you should get a good sleep, not to mention that I hate sleeping. :P

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Shiraishiiii.. I found the chinese subbed version, but I don't know the PASSWORD!!! Where can I find it to watch it.. QQ

And welcome back~

Thank you :3

And I believe it was available through a Korean download app thingy. You have to have Korean language package to get everything to work from downloading the app to unpacking the zip and even then the output file name looks weird as hell, but at least it's in a watchable format :D I recommend browsing through tenipuri comm. Though I do warn you, it takes forever to download.

Ugh, I need a tutorial. And which tenipuri comm? I joined a couple, but couldn't find anything one it QQ

I have the tokuten, but not the actual concert, since there was a password...

Most of downloadable goods usually end up at tenipuri.livejournal.com, so there.

But yeah, after a small browse with vague memory of when it was shared, go to the link below. That ought to explain everything. Mind you, the post is locked.


Thank you xforever!!

If I was an anime character, I'd be crying streams of tears at the moment!!

(Deleted comment)
Recover soon! :)

Looking forward to Festa releases
Are you going to sub new OVA episodes?

I know I never fully will, but thanks :P

And about the new OVAs. I've yet to get my head around them properly. I usually want to make a perfect set, so if I do, I want to do my own version of the ShinPoT even though I've come to detest it (the first series at least still had something to do with tennis, orz)

But I'm going to see if I feel like doing them after I get some of these current projects wrapped up :)

I see, stil thanks for the info. :)

Good luck with projects.

And while i don't really detest ShinPoT I do miss episodes where I could actually see tennis match (some even covered in two episodes)

Yayayayayyay! Welcome back!

And thank heavens for treatable medical problems! I do hope that your quality of life improves immensely!! *hugs you a lot*

*hugs you more*

Best of luck for your health!
I'm looking forward to the new movie.
Please use mediafire links? They have the fastest download speed + parallel dowmloads :D Hardsubbed are excellent too!
I'm so excited for them, hope that they're posted soon!

Mediafire has been my regular for years, so no worries there :D

As for hardsubs, we're steering away from regular avi+hardsub formats to more flexible mkvs.

For the subs, they've been posted for checking now :3 and depending on how fast the others will work/notice the thing, it ought to be finished in some time.

That's great. Also a torrent ,if possible. Softsubs is the best and oftenly used these days. Hope the works are done faster. Also could you please split the movie into .rar parts and upload them? Can't download the whole movie just once due to slow download speed.

Aaaah! How long again? Quite painful to wait for so long...

Edited at 2012-06-30 11:11 am (UTC)

Not yet done with it even after 3 days? :O Quite sad here. :( I think grammar checking can be done using Aegisub itself. Seems like it will be a long wait for us.

And for faster means if you would like, I'll try doing the grammar checking for you. Its just that we have to check if the sentences are done well, right? If that's so, I'm quite good with it. :D I'm not much busy these days. All I'm doinf now is waiting for the Tenipuri releases.

By the way, may I know the size of your Movie video file?

Edited at 2012-07-02 02:05 pm (UTC)

There are other things than just grammar check to consider, like finalizing translations, karaoke, styling etc... and people have lives - not everyone notices the posts within 24 hours even. And the fact that the sub file bounces back and forth members quite a lot before it's encoded to the video file.

And the RAW I have is roughly 550MBs, but is likely to rise in size after encode and other stuff.

Oh, that's it. Alright! We'll be waiting for it. How many days in approximate? Sorry....hehe

That's great for me if the size is just that. Though the size will change later, that might not be much bigger again like GB. So I can download it easily once again.

Hope they complete it soon. :)

Edited at 2012-07-02 03:15 pm (UTC)

Hey, thanks for the update (I'm late, I know >.<)! ^o^ Just wondering, will you be scanning and/or translating the booklet that comes with it (actually, do you have the normal edition or the limited edition..?) and will you be releasing (subbed or raw) the special disc with the making of, cast commentaries etc? Sorry to trouble you with all the questions, good luck with the uni entrance exam results and best wishes for your health :)

I have the normal edition, and I'm not sure if I'm going to be translating the small booklet that's included quite yet, if at all.

As for cast commentaries, I'm planning on making two versions of this movie: one without the commentary tracks and one with. For now we're concentrating on the one without.

Thanks for the quick reply! ^^

Haha, I would be overjoyed if you did translate the booklet :P Like, I would offer my sucky translating/typesetting skills so you'd just have to proofread :P

Sounds good! And yeah, it makes sense to focus on the one without first :) Thanks for all your hard work!!

You just happened to catch me when I was checking my email xD

And if you like, I could proofread it for you and put the finished project out with the movie :)?

Haha, perfect timing :P

Well I don't have the normal edition so I'd need scans, otherwise I'd probably have tried already, haha :P (I'm definitely going to scan the special edition booklet when it arrives, after all) So yeah, if you have scans already I'd definitely be interested, but if not it's up to you if you want to scan it or anything :)

Don't rush yourself! Health comes first and I'm glad you're doing alright ^__^! Can't wait for those subs :3

I am a little late in commenting but...

Please watch your health before doing anything!! It is important to take care of your body and I hope you can recover as soon as possible!

I am excited for the movie to be subbed but that can always wait. Health > Movie!

Anyways, take your time! : )

PS- love Shiraishi and his songs ;P

Here's hopin your condition improves sooner! Thank you for continuing your hard work!
/sends magical sparkles
( ノ ° ▽ °)ノ .。.:*☆'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

Sorry...the video that I have posted above is in Chinese.

By the way, what's the current status of the movie? Why don't you provide a status for the movie like this?

Raw - Done
Translation - Done
Timing - In Progress
Typesetting - To be done
Editing - To be done
QC - To be done
Encoding - To be done

Isn't that a great idea? I have recommended this method to many other fansubs earlier.

Edited at 2012-07-11 02:38 am (UTC)

Sorry, but... what's up with subs??? I'm still waiting.

Edited at 2012-08-02 06:46 am (UTC)

Sorry from me too :P But haven't heard from you for quite a long time. What's the status of the subs as of now? Have your health been much better than before? Have you recovered?

We are all waiting very badly for it. :( Hope you release it soon.

Edited at 2012-08-02 06:40 am (UTC)

hey i'm also getting a little worried...
is it okay down at your end? haven't heard from you in a while?

At least a status of your current situation wouldn't worry everyone.

You posted last on June 26 and today is August 11. Pretty long absence. That fact alone is enough to worry us. :( Hope you be back soon.

I've had medical problems (which is unfortunately irreversible, but treatable and my situation will ease a little in August) - This is quite a disturbing statement as of the current situation. Are you off for a treatment? Hope you have a miraculous recovery and be back to your healthy days. :)

She posted on her own journal two days ago, so she is fine.

I'm sure she will provide updates on the movie/subs etc when she's got some free time. She's got other things to handle right now, so just don't worry and it'll be up when it's up.

Thank you very much for letting us know. Glad to hear that she's doing fine.

About the subs for the movie, it has been quite long and I worry if she could get it completed sooner. :( Is there any hope that it could get released this week?

Also could you please link me to her journal, if possible?

Again, I don't think subs are her #1 priority right now, so it's doubtful that they will be out this week. Being impatient/constantly asking is not going to make them come out any faster.

She posted with her own journal here, so it's not hard to find if you look for it.

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