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I bring thee updates
dnakapula wrote in 2se_subs
First of all, I feel bad for those who've kept commenting whether I'm alive or not and not received a reply. I'm sorry. I haven't been really keeping up with livejournal for a while :// 

Things progressed pretty much in two ways:
1) sees email notice of comment in the evening -> options: sleep/check -> sleep
2)  sees email notice of comment in the evening -> options: sleep/check -> check/read -> ignore replying stage -> sleep

Things have been tiring overall, and I'm still facing some imminent medical appointments in the near future, but things will get better from now on, I swear :D! My meds have been finally maxed out for the time being (before long I'm supposing I'll get another or two prescription on the side, depending on what they'll be saying) and I'm slowly easing myself back into the whole subbing thing.

Oh and a sidenote, guess who dumped the PoT movie2 for the ultimate final checks just a moment ago :333? *claps hands*

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yay! good to see you back!

Glad you are starting to return to yourself!! *hugs you*

thank goodness for the update!
i was really worried about what was going on...
i hope you get better :D
and i hope the movie gets released soon...XD

Yay! Glad to see you back, though its quite sad to see you having to do lots of medical stuffs. :( But no worries, I'm sure you'll be alright soon. Don't feel bad about not being able to reply to all of us. We just left you a message so that you can reply us only when you find time for it. Not an issue. :) Be HAPPY!!!

Seems like the movie is going to be released this week, right? Today? Maybe tomorrow? That's going to be a big day for us, the ultimate fans. Waiting for the download link, will keep watching the journal for the update. :)

Hope you feel better soon! :) Thanks for working on the subs even though you're not feeling too great *hugs*

im really glad that youre still working on the subs but your health always comes first and i hope you feel better soon! <3

(Deleted comment)
Ok, if you're still in school, you might not realize this yet. But, for future reference, when somebody is giving you a free service (translation) AND a free product (PoT), the decent thing to do is to just say "thank you," instead of repeatedly commenting that the, again, FREE service is taking too long.

If you want instant gratification, pay for a freelance translator. Otherwise, just chill. It'll come when it comes, and don't forget to say thank you when it does.

thank goodness that it all become good. Health now is very important, so hope you'll feel better! Thanks for your jobs on the subs. Now I will be know that answer our russian fans of PoT, when they ask for subs. Honestly, I'm tired of them endless question for subs to movie. Let them wait, people not robots!
Get well soon! ;)

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