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[sticky post]To make things clear: the sharing rules
dnakapula wrote in 2se_subs

I don't remember if I've done this, but for all of our sakes, let's make this clear once and for all.

Basically these are the ground rules to sharing the releases outside the community!

Now, I might be a paranoid little bitch, but sharing direct download links/info is acceptable only person2person or linking them to the community. 

 - Posting about the releases is acceptable everywhere, even encouraged, as long as we're credited and people are linked back to the community. If needed (recommended), advice them how (most) download entries are locked and how one needs to be a member to see them.

 - Occasional links can be shared between friends, but please retain yourself and don't share/produce another download link outside the community and post it around for everyone to see. (Unless I've given permission to go ahead).

- If you see someone someone breaking these two rules anywhere, if you can, please advice the person breaking the rule or tell me. I know I cannot completely "rule over the internetz" so to speak, but at least I can try. Some of it anyway.

- Official torrent releases are only ones under my account name "dnakapula" at nyaa.eu

Cuz when I say I'm paranoid, I have a small history with NAS messing with my youtube accounts and stuff like that. Which is why I like the sharing to be as discreet as internetz pirating involving closed communities can be, if you get my point?

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just asking when will u comeback subbing??


Hi! When will be other OVAs Shin Prince of Tennis? T_T

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