"Two years of subbing experience and counting!"

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Two years of disappearing: the sequel
dnakapula wrote in 2se_subs
As the group is slowly waking from a coma, there's a few things I'd like to ask, even though I feel a tad bad for this.

As time is scarce (hell, I'm updating from school D:) and having not been up to date with the fandom for quite some time, upon requesting it would be appreciated to provide us with decent-enough raws.

And as I'm unsure whether the old guys (grammar checkers etc) are in business anymore, it would take a decent weight off of me, if someone could apply for these things ;)

viherkyn and I have considered the subbing of the ShinOVAs and have decided to take them on. However, short with staff, and school and my move that's about to happen in the near future, it's unsure when the time allows for me to get into this.

So, if you want to contribute to this fandom (basic .ASS can be explained), just give viherkyn or me a holler. As for me mushypaddy@yahoo.co.uk is the better option of communication. Even though I cannot indulge myself with the internet that much, I check my emails everyday.

Happy applying! Hope we hear from you :)

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What does a grammar checker need to do?

Basically what the job description means is after we're done with the translation, we'll give you the subtitle file to go through typos and shit. We're not perfect and we're not natives in English so there'll always be something to be smoothed out, you know? :)

Yay! I was hoping you guys would come back! I kept checking your page for updates, but nothing happens! Aww school...same for me! BTW when you say ShinOVAs do you mean the Shin Prince of Tennis?

Glad someone still remembers us ;)

And one cannot begin describe this school right now. Last year I spent a little less than a month in a situation where I'd wake up 5AM to go to on-the-job learning and quickly haul my ass to school (that's in a neighboring city, no less) that'd last until 9PM. After that it was a race to the comfort of my bed. Just ugh.

But the teachers are snotty badass motherfuckers who can take a joke, so it's all good if you're having a slightly bad day ;) /rants

ANYWAY. When I say ShinOVAs, I mean the Shin Prince of Tennis OVA episodes that came in the DVD bundles. Prince of pillows or whatnot... (I really need to research where this fandom goes right now ,__,) We did a couple of episodes way back when, and as it seems no one else has picked the translation job since, we're planning on picking up from where we left off.

Who could forget what this community has done for fans?! I am super grateful for your hard work!
Wow, your school schedule is pretty rigorous! I can't wake up at 5 AM, that is so hard! It's pretty hard to wake up at 6, let alone 5.

lol Prince of pillows...how did that even come up? Yup in general welcome back!

Yay, I love 2se-subs, I am so thankful for all that you have released so far!! Thank you thank you!

I know that the third OVA has been recently translated, but nne of the others, as far as I know. I'm not sure whether it wa sjust a one time translation or if they want to finish the entire ShinTeni OVAs. But there can never be enough subs in one fandom (especially not in TeniPuri), so welcome back!

I could help with the translation, or do a translation check - for little fandom details, thought I know not all subs have TCs. I noticed I get a lot of the general text, so if it helps, I could translate at least some of the sentences, just, you know. Not all of them. But at least it would make less work if you split it between two people? I'm lame but I can't offer more. ^^"

I could point you to some good raws though. I still have the link from where I got them, but you might have to look for a better 6th OVA (chinese subtitles).

The third one has been translated? Not that I really care as 3&4 are both in a near-completion stage as far as I remember, and we plan on releasing the whole set anyway; including a re-release on the first two.

As for translations... all I can say now is that please contact banaanihymy @ LJ. It's 12AM and my brains are melting :D I'm the main translator (and always have the last say, mind you) and she's the second in charge, but a third translator wouldn't necessarily go amiss right now. So talk to her and see what she thinks. I dunno. I need sleep.

Oh and as for raws... if a better #6 comes along... please do link it D: and in general, decent raws are hard to come by, so... *hint* :P


Here it is. There are all 7 OVAs there, only DDL though. It doesn't take too long however. I will contact her and ask. ^^ And you have a good sleep and sweet dreams!

I sent you the link in a comment, but you'll have to unspam it. Commenting again, just to make sure you know. ^^

I'm so happy and relieved to know you're all slowly becoming active again :)

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